Hurricane Map


"Our project partner is the Grand Caillou Dulac Band of Biloxi-Chitimatcha-Choctaw, which has been abbreviated into: GCDB. Post hurricane Ida, this tribe located in coastal Louisiana has suffered from horrible devastation which involved several tribe members being displaced due to their houses being demolished as an aftermath of the hurricane. Our goal is to propose a building design that serves as a community center that can host tribal activities and act as a safe haven from natural disasters.​"



Our project partners are a Native American tribe based in Southeastern Louisiana​. They have been severely affected by a series of terrible hurricanes, however, this does not deter their unwavering perserverance. Their mission is 

to serve the descendants of those who lived in the ancestral village in Grand Caillou/Dulac.

Image by Chris Gallagher


  • Used as a gathering place for approximately 1400 people​

  • Hurricane Shelter that can provide emergency services for tribe members​

  • Provide housing for tribe members in times of crisis